this project was easy but difficult. it was a simple concept but took me forever. my idea was good but turned out not very good. overall it was an okay project.IMG_9768



this project was not that hard but it wasn’t that easy. the easy part was coming up with am idea. the hard part was keeping the camera in the same position. also, photoshopping everything out.thor-2-2

Song Composite

The project was the hardest project, because it took a long time. It was very hard to find an idea, and make it into a composite. also contributing your own picture was hard. making my effect took a long time, but I turned out pretty good. the song i chose was Surprise Yourself and it talks about basically doing what you cant and that’s what i am doing in this picture by simply snapping my finger, and my brother disinegrates.Thanos Composite

Hockney effect

This project was easy to me because it was fun to combine them all together. The challenges I had was connecting all the images on point. also, I got kind of sick of shooting the same project. it was also hard to shoot at the same angles every shot.Hockney effect

Double Exposures

Double exposures are interesting and have to be done correctly. I did all my images in camera which is much easier. I did have to fix them up in photoshop, to make them look better. eventually, I had to use lightroom to fix the colors. overall, very interesting photos.IMG_9449ryannic